About Us

In early 2005 Ted Parvu decided to launch TedHost.net as a service to his friends and family. A place where they could make their presence felt online. Back then it was a simple webhosting solution. With the advent of major shared hosting companies it became too difficult to compete with their pricing and Ted decided that it was time to evolve the business into something more.

Ted had many of his own online ventures and plenty of friends who wanted him to help them with their ideas. In the Spring of 2007 Ted finally found his home in the beautiful Northwoods near Ely, Minnesota. The folks around here have to use their skills and trades creatively to make a living. After working as an outfitter in the stunning wilderness surrounding Ely, Ted decided it was time to find other ways of making money. So, as well as being a Wilderness Guide Ted is applying the skills he has learned in decades of work as Computer Consultant. The good news for his clients is that his low overhead helps him to pass on top talent work at bargain pricing.

We hope to help you with your needs whether it be learning how to setup a blog, selling online, or canoeing in the wilderness.

In 2014 I began a local Arrowhead area technology consulting firm Ted’s Tech Shack. Please check out my Ted’s Tech Shack website for more information.