How to Access Your Webmail

All web hosting accounts come with webmail and email client access. This article addresses how to access your webmail.

To access your webmail you need to enter the URL for your webmail in your browser’s address bar. Your URL will be mail.your domain. For example if your domain name is then the URL would be:

Just so that I can use a real life example in this how-to I am going to continue by using my own domain So, if your domain is then you would replaced with

So, now we want to login to our email account. Under Username you want to enter your email address and under Password enter your password.All of my users can also access their webmail via the URL . Just make sure that you use your email address as the username. e.g. “”.

Roundcube in action.

Another important aspect of the webmail client is that it allows you to change your email password.

Once you are logged into Roundcube you can select Settings in the upper right corner and then Password from the menu on the left. Enter in your new password and confirm and then click Save and your password will be changed.


To learn how to setup popular email clients applications please refer to the how to setup your email client article.

For further documentation on Roundcube please see